A high-tech company dedicated to providing digital IC design automation (EDA) solutions in China

Shenzhen Giga Design Automation Co., Ltd. established in 2018, is a high-tech company, who is dedicated to research & development, production and sales of integrated circuit electronic design automation (EDA) in China.

GIGA aims to accomplish the deployment of key nodes, by independent research, technology importing and co-development, to build up a complete digital IC EDA platform and fulfill the technical breakthrough in China's semiconductor industry. Relying on the complete semiconductor industry in China, GIGA will form a professional R & D and support team to set up a competitive technology platform focusing on a wide range of process nodes and application fields, committed to providing  over-all solutions and services for the global IC design industry.

Corporate vision
Where the core goes, there is Hongxin
Corporate mission
Build a complete domestic EDA platform for IC Design