Giga established technology cooperation with the Southern University of Science and Technology


Giga has recently reached a technology cooperation with Professor Chen Quan’s team from Southern University of Science and Technology to jointly develop “a large-scale coefficient matrix analysis technology based on the index integral method”. It breaks through the traditional SPICE simulation framework and replaces the BDF (backward differential method) method used in SPICE with an innovative index integral method, which can achieve a higher order of accuracy and parallelism, and significantly improve computational efficiency without affecting accuracy.
Before that, Giga has worked together with Professor Yu Wenjian's team from Tsinghua University to develop “a Time-Driven Logic Integration Technology with Parasitic Parametric Models of Different Accuracy”, and then, Professor Chu Zhufei's team from Ningbo University to develop “Logic Optimization and Mapping Technology”. Giga is committed to building a self-controlled digital EDA full-process platform. By independent research and development, Giga attaches great importance to carrying out industry-university collaboration with universities in China, promoting the transformation of EDA academic achievements in colleges and universities, accumulation and development, continuous innovation, to provide customers with world-class EDA products, as well as better localization services.