Giga attended ICCAD China 2020 (Chongqing)


The annual IC design conference - ICCAD 2020 Annual Conference & Chongqing IC Industry Innovation and Development Summit (ICCAD 2020) was held at Chongqing Yuelai international convention center on December 10-11, 2020.

1.jpg深圳鸿芯微纳技术有限公司CTO 王宇成博士深圳鸿芯微纳技术有限公司CTO 王宇成博士

In the IC Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum, Dr. Wang Yucheng, Chief Technology Officer of Shenzhen Giga Design Automation Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech entitled “Self-strengthening and Self-Reliance, Build up a local RTL-GDSII Digital full-process Design Intelligent Platform”, which won a warm response from the audience.
At the meeting, Dr. Wang Yucheng said that Shenzhen Giga Design Automation Co., Ltd. is a local-based builder of the EDA digital platform and its core product is not only filling a significant gap in the digital design platform, but also solve the problem of the digital EDA tool being constrained. It also enabled China’s SOC chip design to move towards the mid-to-high-end into the FinFet era, and it has laid the foundation of international leaders.


Dr. Wang Yucheng shared with counterparts from the semiconductor industry a series of features of Giga digital design platform:

1. Embedded physical-aware logic synthesis and signoff analysis engine.

2. Routing-centric P&R architecture (Aguda) ensures faster converging speed, short design Turn Around Time ( TAT), and better final QoR (Quality of result).

3. Invented a glitch power analysis and optimization engine.

4. Unique multiple coloring DPT (double Pattern Technology) ensures that there is no double pattern violations (Odd Cycle Violation) during the signoff phase. Easy to use, high efficiency.

5. P&R adaptive MCMM optimization technique can cover all scenarios during the signoff stage. During optimization, automatically skip redundant scenarios without sacrificing the final QoR.

6. Using hierarchical design and optimization technique, do not need to flatten the whole design for top-level design, and fixing boundary violation path at top-level and inside module simultaneously, do not need re-timing or ILM timing model extraction. Reduce top-level design cycle from few weeks to few days.


7. PowerFocus technique to start the optimization from the design with best power consumption, Aguda considers dynamic power (including glitch power) and timing during clock tree synthesis. Besides, Aguda has an intrinsic SSTA and Path-based analysis (PBA) engine to avoid overdesign.


Giga currently has a leading professional R&D and technical support team acquires independent technology patents and core knowledge. We can provide first-class solutions and technical services to the IC design industry. Giga is not only received equity investment support from China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund and Shenzhen Guiding Fund Investment but also undertakes P&R in advanced process nodes of the National Science and Technology Major Project. By completing the tape-out of chips in advanced process nodes successfully, Giga has been recognized by commercial customers including top IC design companies in China. In the future, Giga will continue to build a higher-quality digital full-process EDA platform based on independent R&D, absorption and introduction, industry-university collaboration, investment, and mergers. Fearless of the clouds, and self-reliant, strive to become the Crown Jewel of China's EDA business, and blooming in the world!