Giga won the 2021 EDA innovation award


On March 18, the 2021 China IC Leaders Summit & IC Design Achievement Awards Presentation Ceremony was held in Shanghai on the theme of “Breakthrough and Rise”. Giga, as an innovator in the EDA segment of China's integrated circuit industry, won the honor of "Annual Innovation EDA Company".

The China IC Design Achievement Award is jointly sponsored by EE Times, EDN, and ESM of ASPENCORE, the world's authoritative electronic industry media group. It has become one of the most professional and influential technology awards in the Chinese electronics industry.  It aims to recognize the best companies that have taken a leading position in the IC design industry or demonstrated outstanding design capabilities and technical services in China. 2021 is the 19th consecutive year that IC design surveys and award selections have been held, accompanying and witnessing the growth and development of China's IC industry.

Awarded "Annual Innovation EDA Company"

Mr. Wang Lei, Vice President of Giga, received the Award of "Annual Innovation EDA Company” on behalf of the company. Giga stands out among many nominating companies and has won the Award of "Annual Innovation EDA Company”, which shows that Giga has won industry recognition for its innovation capabilities.


Huang Xiaoli, CEO of Giga, delivered a speech at the summit

The 2021 China IC Leadership Summit brings together technical experts in China’s IC design industry, Enterprise management elites, as well as representatives from the fields of EDA/IP, foundry, and packaging and testing at home and abroad, discussed with the majority of design engineers and middle and senior management personnel in the electronics/semiconductor industry the technological breakthroughs of China's semiconductors and the way to the rise of the industry.

At the summit, Mr. Huang Xiaoli, CEO of Giga, delivered a speech on the theme of "Where the chip is, there is GIGA - the importance of China's digital chip design EDA platform."


Value in Digital Economy

Previously, according to IDC and Intel's prediction, the total global data volume is expected to reach 44 ZB (1ZB = 1 trillion bytes) in 2020, and China's data volume will reach 8060 EB, accounting for 18% of the global data. Huang Xiaoli said that in a decade, the world's information volume will reach 2500ZB, almost doubling the rate of growth every year. We are in the golden age of semiconductor and information society.

It is not only PCs, mobile phones, 8K TVs, surveillance, and security cameras that provide a great amount of information. At present, even automobiles, medical treatment, and even pig breeding have gradually entered the era of informatization and digitization. He believes that informationization and digitization have created great value for our society.

However, it is known that less than 1% of the world’s information can be effectively used, which means that although we can obtain a lot of information, there is little that we can share, retrieve, protect, disseminate and deal with. So far, the massive information has not been fully exploited. Huang Xiaoli pointed out that if you want to make full use of such information, the core issue is computing power.


The world's top technology architecture

Huang Xiaoli indicates that the processor includes CPU, DPU, GPU, FPU, DSP, and so on. To form a source of computing power, it needs to integrate many processors into the semiconductor and link them with high-speed interfaces. To achieve the promise of the digital economy over the next decade, he said, the computing powers will have to grow dramatically, which means that these semiconductor processor designs are shouldering huge tasks and challenges.

The digital processor chips that provide great computing power must be aided by powerful tools. Each digital chip contains billions of transistors and dozens of layers of processing. The design of these powerful processor chips is inseparable from the whole process of digital chip tools. As the chip becomes more and more integrated, the function is more and more complex. Without high reliability and intelligent EDA, the design and verification of the chip will become a dead letter. In this sense, the EDA industry is the foundation of the entire digital economy.


It is known that China’s planning in back-end implementation of IC design is still incomplete. Huang Xiaoli said that improving the back-end implementation of IC design in China is the mission of Giga. Our goal is to provide a nationwide digital EDA tool that covers the whole process of chip design, including synthesis, place & route, and signoff.

The world's top technology architecture

Giga has the world's leading architecture. Huang Xiaoli pointed out that this tool is not only locally produced tool, it is also an advanced tool that covers all processes from 90nm to 7 nm, and has successfully made product tape-out on most processes. The performance of the tool is also quite good compared with top foreign companies.


In the end, Huang Xiaoli concluded that EDA is a small industry, and Giga is a very small module inside the EDA. We believe that the whole process of the digital circuits has an extremely important strategic significance for supporting the semiconductor industry of the country and the development prospect of the digital economy of human society. Giga is willing to contribute to this grand cause and make joint efforts.